Once vaccinated, they are well socialized and begin positive response interaction to prepare for life as future members of a wonderful family.   

Our primary goal is to produce happy, healthy companions.  
To achieve that goal we investigate health histories to make the best informed breeding choices.  Puppies are evaluated for temperament, conformation, trainability and then matched to suitable homes.  

PET puppies are able to participaten in 
all AKC events, except conformation 
dog shows & breeding.  You will have 
the option to compete in performance 
events such Hunting, Agility, Rally, 
Tracking and more! PETS are placed 
with a spay/neuter contract and will 
have AKC "Limited" (Non breeding) 

SHOW puppies are placed with contracts
which require full health testing and 
conformation title requirements to be
fulfilled prior to breeding.  Additional 
caveats and requirements may apply.

Our dogs are fully health tested for concerns within 
the Welsh Springer breed, as are all prospective mates, 
to achieve the best possible potential for a long life full 
of exuberant devotion! 

We are ethical Breed Enthusiasts and long time AKC Conformation Show Exhibitors striving to continue and improve on the qualities of the dogs we have invested in as both companion and performance animals.  

On average, we breed a litter every 1 to 1 1/2 years.  Our puppies are raised in our home, receive copious amounts of attention and affection, excellent veterinary care plus quality nutrition.  

Redsage Puppies 
Our next litter  was tentatively planned for late 2020
>Veterinary medical supply shortages due to diversion of drugs and equipment 
for human needs is one consideration.
>The ability to properly socialize pups before they leave here,
and once they arrive in a new home is another large concern!

Please check back  periodically for updates.

NO applications or reservations will be accepted 
until the breeding is confirmed.

>You can email me with inquiries and questions 
about any litter.  redsagewss@gmail.com

For information on litters across the United States  
please link to the National Welsh Springer Spaniel Club 
Breeder listing;  Click Here

For Breed Information to help you decide if a Welshie is the right dog for you, 
please see the "Breed Insights" page.  This is also where you will find the 
Puppy Questionnaire.

...email with questions rather than calling.  
Thanks!  <<< 

We are no longer docking tails!

I've never cared for removing parts of a dog.
It is apparent from European and other Welsh Springers world wide that having a tail does not hinder them in the field, when tracking, doing Agility or many other activities where they excel.  More U.S. breeders are are taking this step, and we feel it is appropriate.

The case made for docking, especially related to hunting, seems contemporarily specious.  Traditionally  docking came about to avoid the encumbrance of brush and burrs, or possible injury, especially due to the scarcity of affordable Veterinary care available in past eras.

It may be a challenge to breed for correct tail set and carriage, but as an extension of the spine, it seems we should have the foundation already.    
Redsage litters are carefully planned and lovingly raised in our home.  
Tails are NOT docked. 
Please read more about puppies below and more about Welsh Springers on the Breed Insights page.