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2016 has been an amazing year with 7 new Champions!  

4 dogs & 2 bitches bred by Redsage,  
Plus a Co-owned bitch from a Redsage sire
 all finished between June & November!  

Crazy Amazing!!!
My teary-eyed THANKS to all the owners!!! 
New Champion

CH Redsage Hello Sunshine  

Laurel finished at 12 months with the skilled handling 
of Catlin Cahill.  Her owner Amy's big, happy smile is a wonderful testament to the accomplishment.
Laurel was one of 3 lovely girls in the Tess-Kaden litter and was placed as a pet with Amy.  Because she 
is such a nice girl, I encouraged Amy to consider 
showing her and this happy, outgoing young dog 
finished with two 5 point Majors!

 THAT SMILE absolutely made my day!!!

Kudos to Amy for taking a leap of faith 
and giving the dog show experience a fair shot.  
We may see more of Amy and Laurel in the show ring and possibly Agility!  Woo-hoo!!! 

b. 610/28/15  - Health Testing at age 2 years 

sire:  CH Bartay's Little Bit Rock N Roll, CHIC

dam:  CH Trystyn's Some Like It Hot at Redsage, CHIC  
b. 610/28/15  - Health Testing at age 2 years 

sire:  CH Bartay's Little Bit Rock N Roll, CHIC

dam:  CH Trystyn's Some Like It Hot at Redsage, CHIC 

New Champion

CH Redsage Country Sunshine  

Copper finished at 12 months, on the same day at the same show as his sister Laurel, again with the assistance of 
Catlin Cahill's handling expertise, and finished with 
impressive 4 and 5 point majors!  

Copper's owners Debbie & Kevin were very receptive to the idea of achieving a conformation Championship, 
and are also training for potential performance events.  
It is so wonderful when owners fully embrace 
the potential of their puppy!  

Copper is one of 3 handsome boys from the Tess-Kaden litter to tackle the show ring and the first to finish.   He has a super sweet disposition and is a highly responsive dog in classes.   

 I look forward to more accomplishments for 
Debbie & Copper in Conformation & Performance events! 
 Best of all, he has a great life.

Rock On, Copper!!! 
New Champion

CH New Scotia Bette Davis, CHIC

Bette was bred in Brazil 
by Marcelo Francelino and Dieter Gogarten and was only the second litter of Welshies in that country.  There were 8 girls & 1 boy.
Because I co-own Fudge with Marcelo & Dieter, I offered to help place 3 of the pups here in the states and found them wonderful homes.

A fourth pup was mine to keep.

Bette caught my eye even before she arrived with her pretty structure evident in puppy photos.  She was a busy and personable pup, and quickly made friends with anyone she met.  

Serendipity knocked with a call from another breeder who had just heard from a couple whose 6 yr old girl had been stricken by a heart attack.  Her loss had left them devestated.  I reached out and John & Kelli were grateful for the opportunity to fill the gap with 
Sweet, Soulful Bette.  


Kelli & Bette have an eye on finishing her Grand.  Agility training has also started and I hear Bette loves it!!!  
b. 2/20/14

OFA Excellent Hips
OFA Normal Elbows, Thyroid & Eyes

Sire: AKC GCH, BRZ GCH & BIS, FCI Int'l CH Redsage Oh Fudge, CHIC

FCI Int'l CH Statesman's Early Flyer, CHIC
New Champion

CH Redsage Pervenche Parisienne 

Wink was the bitch I kept from the "French Influence" litter.  
She was just too pretty to let go!
She is a laid back girl with the prettiest face, lovely structure and 
coat to die for! Never one to really show herself off in the ring, 
I did finish her from the Bred By Class 
with two 4 point majors!

When she was a pup, I called her "Peri", pronounced like Katy "Perry", 
but short for Periwinkle ...which also sounds like the native pronunciation 
of the city of Paris which was great with the litter theme.  

Mom preferred to call her Wink, and it stuck.

Pervenche = Periwinkle (color and flower)
Parisienne = Woman of Paris with her own style

Wink, like her Momma Brulee, is a food connoisseur.  
She was the birdiest pup in a litter with a lot of excellent instincts, she loves water, snow and chew toys and is best buds with housemate, Tess. 

b. 6/9/14  - Normal Thyroid & Elbows
Hips Mild, Eyes Normal 

sire:  Ned & Int'l CH Captain Jack des Vauriennes
dam:  CH Redsage Creme Brulee 
New Champion

CH Redsage Legerdemain
He didn't enter the show ring until 
he was 2 1/2 years old then zoomed to his Championship in just 4 show weekends 
earning a 3, 4 & 5 point major!  
PLUS he finished at the First 
SWSSC Supported Entry in Long Beach! 

Thank you, Bruce, for believing in your handsome boy and Hugs to Carri for a spectacular job of presenting him!

OFA Excellent Hips &  Normal Elbows
(MSU Thyroid panel Normal 
...will be resubmitted to OFA)
Eye test pending exam

b. 7/13/13
GCH Riverside's Remington Magical Gun, CHIC 
GCH Redsage Defying Gravity, CHIC 
New Champion

CH Redsage Apres Ski  

This delightful character was returned by his first owner 
after 9 months.   He took it in stride being transferred 
by me from his former owner to the loving hands of 
Brooke & Richard Thompson.  
Plans were not clear about where Chance would end up, 
but when Brooke's brother Brett took a shine to him 
at their first meeting at a family dinner and fed him 
cheesecake from his fork, that was it!  
They bonded like super glue and both knew that 
Chance had found his home!!!    

My eternal heartfelt THANKS to Brooke & Richard Thompson 
and to Brett Moquin!!!  

Destined from the start as the pick show male in his litter,  
under Brooke's hand he began training and stepped into the ring when he was finally back in good shape.  
He sailed through to his CH with 3 majors and now, 
a year after his return to me,
he is an impressive boy and a finished Champion!

Next up, he is training for his first Hunt Test!

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!!!  

b. 6/9/14  -OFA Good Hips, Normal Thyroid & Elbows 
Eyes not done yet

sire:  Ned & Int'l CH Captain Jack des Vauriennes
dam:  CH Redsage Creme Brulee 

New Champion

CH Redsage Aide-de-Camp  

Camper was placed as a happy, bouncy pet puppy, though I knew he had lovely conformation.  After seeing him at 6 months, I implored his sweet owners, Susan & Andy Goodwin, to let him be shown 
because he was maturing so beautifully.  
They took the leap of faith and got to know 
Brooke who trained and handled him to his CH! 

BIG THANKS to Susan  &  Andy for humoring me, and to 
Brooke for believing in handsome Camper! 

Camper is the 4th Sibling from the 
Jason - Brulee litter to attain his Champtionship!!!

What a wonderful bunch of characters and good looking Welshies we got from that breeding! 
b. 6/9/14  - OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows & Thyroid
Eyes not tested 

sire:  Ned & Int'l CH Captain Jack des Vauriennes
dam:  CH Redsage Creme Brulee  
Tess pups reunite!  
In Boise, a first for me as 5 of the Tess-Kaden litter arrive from 3 states for a weekend of competition.  Three of them won 5 of the 7 majors awarded over the 4 days!  
Four of these 11 month old pups now only need 1 - 5 singles to finish.  
You could knock me over with a feather!!!  WOO-HOO AMAZING BABIES!!!!!
COPPER - Redsage Country Sunshine
Owned by Debbie & Kevin Crane
Handled by Catlin Cahill, he took a 4 and a 5 pt major!!!

WILLOW - Redsage The Sun Rises At Rechargeabullz
Owned and Handled by Katherine, 
she picked up a 5 pt major!!!
LAUREL - Redsage Hello Sunshine
Owned by Amy Herman & Katherine Dahlstet
Handled by Catlin Cahill took two 5 pt majors!!!

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LOLA - Redage The Sun Shines Through The Rain At BriarRose
Owned by Brooke, Richard & Caiden Thompson and Katherine Dahlstet
Handled by Brooke she was another lovely addition to the line up that weekend, though this talented girl only needs 1 pt to finish!   
TONKA - Redsage The Sun Sets At Rechargeabullz
Owned by Katherine, he was a handsome addition to the line up!  I think he'll be hard to beat when he gets more practice in the ring!!