9/24 - 2 weeks and most are 2 lbs or more!
Filson    x    Kyra

Ch Trystyn's Blue Rodeo     x     Ch Redsage Defying Gravity

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b. 9/10/115 Boys & 5 Girls

All Eyes free of Inherited Diseases
All bites Normal
All testicles descended
1 Umbilical Hernia

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"Beans"  (litter name Cobbler)
Redsage Barrio 
The Boys: The Girls:
Redsage Creme Brulee
"Chester"  (litter name Mousse)
Redsage Chef Chester
(litter name Truffle)"Bryn"
Redsage Truffle Canyondancer
"Decker"    (litter name Puddin')
Redsage Chantelle Butterscotch Decadence 
(litter name Sherbet)  "Lilly"
Redsage Red Velvet
Redsage Oh Fudge
(litter name Sundae)  "Lolla"
Redsage Red Velvet
"Rocky"    (litter name S'mores)
Redsage Elwyn S'mores
(litter name Tiramisu)  "Molly"
Redsage Cinnamon Twist
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
8 Weeks
7 Weeks
7 Weeks
7 Weeks