CH Redsage Pervenche Parisienne
F - b. 9/24/14
Wink      SR85258901
CHIC # 124337

OFA Eye, Elbows & Thyroid Normal
OFA Hips Mild
Bite normal  

SIRE:   Ned & Int'l CH Captain Jack des Vauriennes
DAM:   CH Redage Creme Brulee, CHIC
Puppy Evaluation:  Lovely head with sweet expression, excellent front and forechest.  Good rear angles and topline.  Correct depth of ribcage and length of neck.  Pretty mover.  

Quiet and accepting, sweet and responsive.  Loves water and was #1 in the litter for Bird instinct testing. 


A laid back girl with the prettiest face, lovely structure and 
coat to die for! Never one to really show herself off in the ring, 
I did finish her from the Bred By Class 
with two 4 point majors!

Pervenche = Periwinkle (color and flower)
Parisienne = Woman of Paris with her own style

When she was a pup, I called her "Peri", pronounced like Katy "Perry", 
but short for Periwinkle 

Mom preferred to call her Wink, and it stuck.

Wink, like her Momma Brulee, is a food connoisseur.  
She was the birdiest pup in a litter with a lot of excellent instincts, 
she loves water, snow and chew toys 
and is best buds with housemate, Tess.  
More than once, my youngest Granddaughter put her hands on Wink's cheeks, looked back and forth at her deep brown eyes and declared 
"She has the most beautiful eyes!"  
Wink at 6 years
Wink at 6 years
Wink at 6 years
Wink at 5 years
Wink at 2 years
Wink at 5 years
Wink at 4 years
Wink at 1 year