CH Redsage The Sun Rises
at Rechargeabullz

CH Bartay's Lil Bit Rock N Roll, BN   x   CH Trystyn's Some Like It Hot At Redsage

OFA Excellent Hips
OFA Normal Elbows & Eyes  
Compensative Autoimmune Thyroiditis  

  With very limited showing, Miss Willie finished from the 
Bred By class in Aug. 2017 
with two 5 point majors & a 4 point major!  
Her lovely balance and movement are only surpassed 
by her happy nature.  

Miss Willie, Wii Willie, Willie Bom-bom or the 'Little W' is a busy, 
highly attuned girl, ready to please everyone in her world.

Willie leading the romp session Summer 2018