Take one HOT little lady Welsh and mix in some handsome Rock 'n Roll
and you get SIZZLE!

The SUNSHINE Litter!

Puppies arrived Oct 28!!!
3 Girls & 6 Boys

All Pet Puppies have been placed!

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CH Trystyn's Some Like It Hot At Redsage
b. 7/15/13

OFA Hips Excellent
OFA Eyes Normal
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Thyroid Normal

sire: CH Ky-Bryn's Let Me Entyce You, CHIC
dam: CH Trystyn's Smokin' Hot, CHIC

CH Bartay's Little Bit Rock N Roll, BN
b. 5/25/13

OFA Hips Excellent
OFA Eyes Normal
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Thyroid  Normal
OFA Cardiac Normal

sire: CH Benton's Famous Last Words, CHIC
dam: CH Bartay's Little Bit Country, CHIC


Puppies at 2 weeks!  
      Girls named in RED  & Boys named in BLACK...
Puppies during week 3...Eyes & ears have opened.  Their noses are almost solid black and red markings are getting darker.  They also get up and toddle around and sometimes let out adorable little baby barks!  As the week progressed, more meal times became a 'stand up affair'!  
2 1/2 to 3 1/2 weeks  During this week they moved from the box to the big pen with lots of room to romp and move and they are doing more every day!  They had their first worming, which was uneventful.  And have started having 1, and now 2 "mush" meals a day to help take some pressure off Mom, though she will continue to nurse them for several more weeks.  They love the mush and right on queue have also started cutting teeth!  

When introduced to the big stuffed toy, several simply snuggled up and slept next to it.  They started waking up when I came in the room, but I did get a shot of some of the cuteness.

Other photos can't quite capture the adorable little prancing, foot waves, attempts at play bows and scampering...so you'll have to trust me they are getting SUPER CUTE!!!
At 3 1/2 weeks =  
Right: first time meeting my daughter and as usual they all just end up in a lap!

Below: One of their meal times and I'm going to need to get the bigger pan out already!  Clockwise from 12 they are Goldie, Shine, Burnie, Shades, Corona, Fusion, Flare, UV, Beamer
4 Weeks!  Personalities are becoming more apparent and we have a whole litter of sweet, tail wagging, playful tykes!  Any lap is an invitation to climb up and get attention.  Toys are played with, dragged around and shaken into submission.  With all those sharp new teeth, sometimes a sibling becomes the "chew toy" and will let out loud complaints.  They are now using the litter pan with some regularity, though are still not so sure about the water dish.  Mostly they accidentally step in the water.   
Five Weeks old!!!  They are so cute!  Playing, bouncing, scampering, grabbing toys and nipping each other, feigned attacks and clambering over and under new obstacles and generally having a great time.   
5 1/2 weeks - Outdoor time and enjoying the company of the girls.  Starting to look like little dogs!!!  
"UV", Beamer, Burnie
Flare (above & below)
Burnie - Shine (with mud on her forehead)
Beamer, Fusion, Corona, "UV" and Geni (Sarah's Standard Poodle)
Beamer, Goldie, "UV"
"UV" (above and below)
"UV", Beamer, Burnie on the cot
Shine, Goldie, Corona
"UV", Beamer, Burnie on the cot
6 WEEKS!  First official "portraits" and looking so good!  Very handsome bunch of puppies!!!
8  WEEKS!  More "portraits" and I really love this litter!  Lovely Welshies and a buch of funny, sweet pups!!!

(And some of them have food on their noses ...Haha!)