Ch Su-Dawn's Flyzod <

Ch Royailes Kayla Kydd <

Ch Su-Dawn's Fly's My Dad <

Su-Dawn's Danceinon The Celin <

Coreopsis Arkansa Of Haregate <

Br Ch Highclare Strands Of Gold <

Ch Wynfomeer's Lu-C Nor'easter CD MH VCX <

Cwrt Afon Rhosyn <

Ch Su-Dawn’s Staesmansadler <

Dalati Nan <

Royaile’s Beaming Light <

Ch Royaile’s Carbon Copy <

Ch Dalati Marc <

Ch Killagay’s Lady Jennifer <

BIS Ch Royaile’s Kool Ham Luke <

Ch Rroyaile’s Classic Farah <

Pedigree of  "Tahsa"
b. 8/25/2005     SR28597603
OFA 1361F27F / Elbows normalCERF normal 5/2008

BIS Ch Royailes Kool Ham Luke <

Ch Su-Dawn's Guns And Roses <

Ch Highclare Frontiersman <

Ch Wynfomeer's Image Of Dafydd <

CH Su-Dawn’s Longshot Cowboy <

CH Royailes Kayla Kydd <

Ch Killagay’s D’Rue Poker Chip <
SF654389  (323G27M)

Ch Loreln’s Royaile Ribbons <
SN0345704    (573G44F)

BIS Ch Royailes A Cut Above
"Goofy" SN535104/01

Ch Wynfomeer's Spring Beauty CD SN60164801 [831G25F]

CH Royaile’s G W McClintock SN28587604

Loreln's I D Clare

BIS BISS CH Rock Spgs Hawk of theBattle
“Gavin”    B.  8/31/2002
  AKC DNA #V370399

CH Loreln’s Somethin to Declare
  “Meg”    b. 10/10/2001

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Ch Su-Dawn's Statemansadler
Su-Dawn's Hotstuff

Royailes Beaming Light
Ch Royaile Carbon Copy

Ch Su-Dawn's Flyzod
Ch Su-Dawn's Angel In The Morning

Ch Su-Dawn's Statemansadler
Dalati Nan

Haregate Star Coral
Cleavehill Elsa

Weslave Weeping Willow
Delkens Tamble

Ch Bach Drych CD
Ch Lu-Chorpan Chehalis O'Kgy

Golden Sovereign
Cwrt Afon Eirwen 

Ch Statesman’s Maverick
Ch Sugari's Saga Of Sylabru CD

Br Ch Dalati Sioni
Br Ch Dalati Siani

Royaile’s Steeplechase
Ch Royaile’s Sadie Hawkins

Ch Olympian Cymri Citation
Loch Haven’s Red Patches

Br Ch Dalati Sioni 
Dalati Nerys

Am Can Ch Pencelli Thomas
Ch Olympia Sheza Lulu

Ch Su-Dawn’s Flyzod
Ch Royaile’s Kayla Kidd

Royaile’s Steeplechase
Ch Royailes Miss Independence


CH = AKC Champion
BIS = Best In Show winner
BISS = Best in Specialty Show winner

Br Ch = British Show Champion