Please print, then complete and return after thoroughly reading our Puppy Buyer’s Information page.  
Send to:  Katherine Dahlstet, 350 So. 1350 East, Fruit Heights UT 84037-2356
or you can email answers or as an attachment to:

Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________

Street Address: ______________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code: __________________________________________________________

Occupation(s): _______________________________________________________________

Cell Phone:_______________________    Home/Other Phone:  ________________________

 E-mail:______________________________________   Today’s Date: __________________  

The correct answers are Honest ones!  

DOGS CAN BE EXPENSIVE!*  Have you considered the cost of acquiring and raising a dog through its first year? Along with the initial cost of the puppy there may be travel costs, initial veterinary check-up plus follow up booster vaccinations and heartworm preventive can total $100-$400 or more the first year.  Puppy class and group Obedience classes range from $50-$250 per 6-9 week session; crates cost $50-l50; dog food costs $25-75 per month; leashes, collars, bowls, toys add up quickly too.)    Yes     No

Like people, dogs sometimes get sick or have injuries. During the normal life span of your dog when there is a reasonable expectation for a return to full health, are you prepared to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to care for your dog?    Yes    No

You will be REQUIRED, by contract, to have your dog’s hips x-rayed at the age of 24-26 months for OFA evaluation.  Further, an Eye exam and a thyroid test will be required between 12 and 26 months.  Are you prepared to pay the $250-650* total cost needed to have the x-rays, blood draw and eye exam during the second year?  Yes     No

*  Veterinary costs for routine or extended care and tests will vary by location.  
   Dollar amounts noted are representative of averages in my area.

1. What are your reasons for choosing the Welsh Springer Spaniel?

2. For what purpose do you want a dog? (Circle as many as apply.)

Pet/Companion     Hunting      Obedience    Conformation Show      Breeding       Agility       Therapy     

Other:  __________________________

3. Indicate if he/she will accompany you to work and/or be around children, the elderly, other dogs, other animals, or other notable circumstances?

4. Have you considered the amount of time that a puppy requires in order to develop into a happy, healthy member of the family, ie: daily housetraining, daily play time, daily exercise time, puppy kindergarten training classes, obedience classes and frequent training sessions, weekly outings for socializing, etc.  THERE IS NO "APP" TO REPLACE THE TIME AND INTERACTION REQUIRED!!
Yes      No

5. Gender desired (circle one):    Male     Female     No Preference
Would you be interested in a pup of the opposite sex if your first choice is not available?Yes      No

6. Describe the composition of the family with whom the dog will live. (Single adult, Husband, wife, companion, children, grandparents, etc.   Please indicate if your children are under the age of 10 years.)  Are you planning more children?  When?  

7 Are any of the family members reserved around or afraid of dogs? If so, who?

8-A. Describe your living arrangements, ie: single home, duplex, condo, apartment, etc.

8-B.  If you rent or live in a multi-unit complex, have you confirmed that your contract allows you to own dogs which will weigh up to 50 lbs?

9-A. Do you have a fenced area for your dog attached to your residence?  

9-B.  What type of fencing & how tall?   

9-C.  Do you intend to use invisible fencing (with a shock collar)?

> Young, curious puppies can squeeze through small spaces under fences, between gates 
and support posts, through broken boards, etc..  Have you walked and thoroughly inspected 
all your fencing to make sure it is puppy proof?  If not secure, when can you complete repairs?

10. How do you plan to exercise (run & play) your dog? 

11. Where will your dog go to eliminate?  How do you plan to clean up after the dog?

12. Do you plan to have the dog live in your home, or in a kennel situation?  If the latter, please describe:

13-A.   Will your dog be allowed in the living areas of your home ?  

13-B.  Do you have any plans on how to keep the puppy out of certain parts of your home, if desired?

13-C. Where will the puppy/dog sleep?

14. Where will the dog stay when you are not home for work?

15. How many hours each workday will the dog be alone on average?

16. How many evening activities (church, sports, school, etc) do you and or any family member participate in during the week?

17-A. Are you familiar with crate training?     Yes   No
17-B.  Would you be willing to acquire and use a crate?     Yes      No
17-C.  Are you willing to have a crate in your home and accessible to the puppy/dog?    Yes      No

18. About how often do you go away (mini or major vacations) and will the dog accompany you?

19. Who would care for the dog when you are away from home and it cannot accompany you (a dog kennel/boarding facility is an acceptable answer).

20. Have you ever owned a dog before?     Yes   No
If Yes: 
A-  do you have a dog/dogs now?  Please describe (breed, age, gender, personality,)

B-  If gone now, how old was he/she when they died, and how did they die?

22. Do any family members suffer from allergies to dogs or other pets?  

23. Please tell about your dog owning experience, if any: (pet owner, attended obedience classes, showed in breed or obedience, hunted with retriever, spaniel, or pointing breed, trained for therapy work, etc.)

24. Do you currently have a veterinarian?     Yes    No
Name, City & Phone number:

If you have seen this veterinarian for less than 2 years, please give the name, city and phone number of your previous veterinarian(s)

25. Have you found puppy & obedience classes that utilize positive motivational methods?
Yes    No

Name of Trainer, Facility or Training Club:

26. References (please list two non family members, including address and phone number...these can be members of a local kennel club, a groomer, veterinarian, trainer, neighbor or friend):

27. What would you do if:
a. You returned home to find your dog had chewed the furniture?

b. You enter a room in your house and discover that your puppy has peed on the floor?

c. Your dog is vomiting and stains your carpeting or rug?

28. Are you on the waiting list from another breeder(s) for a Welsh Springer or another breed?     

Yes    No

Thank you for answering these questions and carefully considering your commitment to acquiring a puppy.  It is intended that your answers will help me determine if a Welsh Springer will make you happy or miserable and facilitate the selection of a puppy from the litter which will be best suited to become a member of your family.  

I firmly believe that your happiness, and that of a dog who might become part of your life for many years should not be left to luck!