Puppy Evaluation:  Feminine head with alert expression, but rather refined muzzle.  Excellent rear and front has good depth of chest.  Topline very nice, though built long in body.  Nice length of neck and sparky movement with proper converging front & rear with flowing side gait.

As a singleton she is rather spoiled, but is very curious and happy. Craves interaction and while stubborn, seems biddable overall. 
14 weeks - movement
Redsage All Fired Up, CHIC
Female        b. 12/22/12        SR77286001

OFA Hips Good 
OFA Eyes Normal
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Thyroid Normal

sire: Ned. & Int'l CH Captain Jack des Vauriennes
dam: GCH Redsage Defying Gravity, CHIC

June is Owned by Margaret Cohen

and Co-owned by Katherine Dahlstet
June at 6 weeks

At 9 months
June at 15 months
5 months 
June has a lovely head carriage and front angles.  Her rock solid topline is excellent.  She has lovely converging movement front and rear.  Her pretty dark eyes and nice black nose add to her happy expression.

June sports an amazing plume of a tail which gives expression to her happy spirit.  

While she is a bit long in body, I find that less of a detriment for a female.  The rib to loin proportions are correct.
June was fearless and spirited from puppyhood.  Her happy exuberance is seen in the smile on her face.  Her owner, Margaret, is an excellent trainer and cultivated her intelligence into a beautifully responsive companion.  Margaret's work has kept her from competing with June in either Conformation or Rally and Agility, though she is sure June would excel in any of those areas.