With one of John & Kayo's grandchildren ...being patient and careful!
Maggie the border collie, Dugan & Dexter ...on the way to or from the daily hike with John
Dexter w/ Sarah WSSCA weekend April 2010
1 1/2 yrs at WSSCA 2010
1 1/2 yrs at WSSCA 2010
1 1/2 yrs at WSSCA 2010
15 months
Oct. 2009 at 13 months
Dexter on left with Dugan on a trail with John in Colorado
New Champion June 2009 at 9 months
Puppy Sweeps at WSSCA 2009 - 7 months (he did eventually grow out of his curly puppy coat)
6 months at Fun Match
6 months
6 months
3 months
Dexter 8 weeks
6 Wks
5 weeks
Day 2
CH Redsage Crackerjack Cadence
M - b. 8/30/08
"Dexter"  SR52853903

CH Statesman Skeldale's Nashman  x  CH Loreln's Tasharele At Redsage 

CHIC # 79411
CERF Normal
OFA Hips Good 
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Thyroid Normal



Puppy Temperament:
Exuberant and attention seeking.  Sometimes 
cautious, but generally outgoing and curious.  

9 Wk Structural Evaluation:
Excellent front, neck and topline.  Good rear 
angulation though predicted to be somewhat 
straight from 8 or 10 months to about 18 months, 
with a return of the god angualtion after that.  
Good musculature and nice head.  Bite & 
Testicles normal.  Pick show male.

              Championship finished at 9 months!

Dexter is thriving in the high plains and mountains of Colorado where he lives happily with John & Kayo, plus Dugan from our Kaci-Gavin litter and the other critters on the ranch.  He goes on 4-5 mile trail hikes daily!    

Dexter took his first major over all adult males at 6 mo. and cruised on to finish his Championship at 9 months!  More about his stellar, though short career below.  
Home Page

Home Page
These photos are from the 2009 AKC Eukanuba Nat'l Championship where 15 month old Dexter was definitely the youngster in the Specials ring.  But you can see he is solid, muscular, properly up on leg with nice square outline, and carries his head beautifully.  Dexter had an invitation again in 2010 & 2011.
Dexter as a 14 month old Special being handled by his owner, John in New Mexcico
Above taken in September 2012 at 4 years in long grass just after a bath.  
Once he was more mature, Dex was sent out with a handler to campaign, but when he started to beat the other Welsh CH the handlers' team was showing, they had to drop Dexter. 

We had hoped to send him out as a "Special" in 2012, but the timing was not good for his owners.  

We never got a good show photo of Dexter once he'd grown up.  Seems we always thought he'd be back in the ring.

We know this sweet, athletic, biddable, easy to live with boy is very happy with at home on HIS range in Colorado! 

According to his owner John, Dexter is the most loving and kind natured dog he has ever owned!  Looking at those big dark eyes and sweet mug, it is easy to believe.  We loved traveling with Dexter and having him around because he is so easy going.  Great manners and a total sweetheart in a muscular, all boy package!  

He has a solid head and super bone like his dam and his grandsire, Gavin.  Lovely topline standing and moving with very good proportions and angles.  Well sprung ribs and dark pigmentation.  He has lovely depth of body and forechest and an excellent front.  Very classic form overall.  
Dexter  -  Dugan  -  Maggie ....Pikes Peak, Rocky Mtns, Colorado in the background 
Brody, Gavin, Spring, Dugan, Dexter & Kyra  -  April 2010

Dexter & Kyra on the Right are siblings
Gavin, second from the left, is their multi BIS winning Grandsire

Spring is Gavin's dam

Brody, far left & Dugan, center, are littermates sired by Gavin