CH Redsage Legerdemain


GCH Riverside's Remington Magical Gun, CHIC

GCH Redsage Defying Gravity, CHIC

OFA Excellent Hips & Normal Elbows
MSU Normal Thyroid 
(Vet sent to MSU instead of OFA )
OFA Eye normal 

Normal Bite / Normal Testicles

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New Champion

CH Redsage Legerdemain
Didn't enter the show ring until he 
was 2 1/2 years and finished in 4 show weekends earning a 3, 4 & 5 point major 
and finishing at the 
First SWSSC Supported Entry 
at Long Beach in June of 2016!!!

Many THANKS to his handler,
Carri Beaver, for such a lovely presentation.

AND to his Owner, Bruce, for believing 
in his handsome boy and supporting 
this foray into the Show World!!!

Cooper is a delightful personality and a lovely Welsh.
He embodies many of the best features 
of both of his Grand Champion parents.

Carri was very complimentary of Cooper, exclaiming he has the best front she has ever seen on a Welsh Springer!  
High praise from an expert in Sporting Breeds who steered 
the welshie Cadbury to his GOLD GCH​

Cooper is from one of, if not THE first WSS litter parented 
by 2 Grand Champions, and represents my desire 
to promote genetic diversity through use of quality, 
typey representatives of the breed.

From his dam Cooper has a beautiful front with proper length of upper arm, correct angles, great depth of brisket and prominent forechest as well as a lovely neck and head carriage like both his parents.  From Kyra he also acquired dark eyes and lovely black nose and lip pigment.  From his sire Remy he got his trusting and sweet nature, classic Welshie ears, easy flowing gait with solid rear structure and drive.  
He has super bone and a delightful expression.     

Overall a classic looking Welshie in a healthy, 
contemporary package!!

Cooper is a social fellow at the dog park and loves driving with Bruce in the convertible and enjoying the SoCal life!  
GCH Redsage Defying Gravity 

b. 8/30/2008

OFA Hips - Good     CHIC # 73373
OFA Elbows - Normal
OFA Thyroid - Normal
OFA Cardiac - Normal
CERF/Eyes - Clear
GCH Riverside's Remington Magical Gun  

b. 1/21/2008

OFA Hips -Excellent     CHIC # 65047
OFA Elbows - Normal
OFA Thyroid - Normal
CERF/Eyes - Normal

Cooper's dam:
Cooper's sire:
COOPER(Litter name Crash)  
Right at 8 weeks 
Left "dancing"
Below at 10 weeks